Parallel Worlds Exhibition Presented by Nassima Landau Art Space & Foundation

How today’s contemporary artists are inspired by the masters of the past

The Nassima Landau is a new foundation and contemporary art space based in Tel Aviv. From May 6 to June 10, 2021, the space is hosting it’s fourth exhibition titled Parallel Worlds – a group exhibit featuring seven talented artists: Daniel Arsham, Friedrich Kunath, Chloe Wise, Honor Titus, Alex Gardner, Ori Gersht, and Onur Hasturk.  

Nassima Landau was founded last year in November by former Tel Aviv Museum of Art Director and Chief Curator Suzanne Landau and Steeve Nassima, a collector and former businessman. The focus behind the most recent group exhibition highlights how contemporary artists today continue to be influenced by the masters of the past, leaving traces of their celebrated work in their own works of art.

“What fascinates me most is how artists give a renewed perspective on art history to create something wholly of the present day. Reference to the past is inevitable. Artists study the masters in varying degrees – technique, composition – and through careful observation, they develop their own and unique voice,” says the exhibition’s curator, Suzanne Landau.

Wherever you are in the world, continue reading and get to know the artists on display at Parallel Worlds!

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Daniel Arsham is an artist based in New York City. He questions space and materiality using architecture, performance, and sculpture. In 2007, Arsham co-founded Architecture, an architecture and design studio.

Born in Chemnitz, Germany, based in Los Angeles, Friedrich Kunath’s work combines German Romanticism and western popular culture using still life, cartoon imagery, commercial illustration, nature photography, and lyrical references.

Artwork by Friedrich Kunath

Born in Montreal, Chloe Wise‘s breadth of work includes media, sculpture, video, and installation. Based in New York City, Chloe’s art practice explores the desires built around the female body and food.

Painting by Chloe Wise

Multidisciplinary artist Honor Titus is originally from Brooklyn. Titus’s oeuvre focuses on the sensation of isolation in urban spaces. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles.

Artwork by Honor Titus

Long Beach-based artist Alex Gardner is a figurative painter known for his androgynous black figures that envelop the canvas in surreal configurations. The use of a consistent pastel colour palette throughout his work further evokes various moods and emotions that questions politics, romantic fantasies, and digitized personalities. 

Artwork by Alex Gardner

The work behind the Israeli artist Ori Gersht focuses on the relationships between history, memory, and landscape through a poetic and metaphorical approach. The artist is based in London and has lived there for over 30 years.

Artwork by Ori Gersht

Born in Mersin, Turkey, Onur Hasturk takes inspiration from classical Ottoman painting technique. Trained as a miniaturist artist, his work cultivates transcultural and transhistorical dialogue. 

For more information about Nassima Landau and the exhibit, visit

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